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Girlfriends Through Time: Bridging the Distance between Guiding Generations

This year, our unit was looking at new ways for doing things. As a multi-branch unit, some of our Guiders  have been with the unit (and in Guiding!) for many years, as have  a number of our girls.  After a … Continue reading

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Your Role Model – Your Choice

Between YouTube videos, commercials, TV shows, books and movies, we are shown a lot of different ways to act in the world – some good and some bad. It’s okay to enjoy a variety of media, even some of the … Continue reading

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Taking the Reins: My First Experience being In Charge

This Guiding year I got a promotion! My two co-Guiders of four years decided to move on to other things and suddenly I became the one “in charge” of our unit. It was a bit of a scary moment knowing … Continue reading

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New Guider: New Fun

I have never been involved in Guiding. I was never a Girl Guide when I was young. I have never sold a box of cookies. Yet, on November 7, 2013, I found myself as a new Guider with the 12th … Continue reading

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The Importance of Self-Respect

Pat runs a Girl Guides of Canada unit in a penitentiary. She shares some thoughts about the unique issues that arise for the girls and young women in her unit. This is an important blog post to share during the … Continue reading

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Yes, She’s a SPARK. No, She isn’t Cute.

Update: This post was voted a 2012/2013 GirlGuidesCANblog Big Deal Seal winner in the Cookies category! Bravo blogger Katherine! ————————————————- When I was a Spark and Brownie Guider, I often heard Guiders say with envy “Oh, your unit can sell cookies so … Continue reading

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A Constant Quest for Adventure

My new year’s resolution for 2013 was to sleep outside at least one night every month of the year. This goal is born from a passion for outdoor adventure. I feel like I am the best version of myself when … Continue reading

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Guiding Culture Shock

I recently spent three years in Guelph, Ontario for university followed by seven months in China for an internship, so I was a little apprehensive about heading home to Montreal. I worried that all the friends I hadn’t seen in … Continue reading

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