The ABC’s of Cookie Selling

Last Saturday, April 2 was Girl Guide Cookie Day at Sears, and thousands of Girl Guides were on-hand at Sears stores nationwide to sell our classic chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookies. If you know anything about Girl Guides, it’s that we’re serious about selling cookies!  We like to think we’ve mastered “Always Be Closing” in our selling approach:

“Be prepared” is a motto that we like use in Girl Guides and this adorable rookie seller made sure she practiced her sales pitch to perfection.

Here are some other ways Girl Guides prepared for cookie selling:

  • Kootenay Area Girl Guides ran a contest for the best cookie-selling signage! (Hello, future advertising execs!)
  • Our media-savvy girls are always ready for interviews! Sarah and Mykala took the mic at CJAY 92 Radio in Calgary and breezed through their interview.
  • As all professionals know, presentation is key and Andrea G. took this to heart as she perfected her look for her cookie-selling debut with Trefoil nail art.

When Cookie Day @ Sears finally came, our girls brought their A-game (smiles and cookies included) to Sears stores nationwide for your donations and enjoyment.

We’ve put together a small slide show of our girls in action!

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Nom! Nom! Nom!

1st time enjoying Girl Guide Cookie!

1st time enjoying Girl Guide Cookie!

Show us how your inner cookie monster devours, munches or nibbles your Girl Guide cookies! Check out a cutie enjoying her very first Girl Guide cookie.

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By Christine, GGC Staff

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